Did You Get Selected for the Wisconsin Special Education Parent Survey?

In Wisconsin every year school districts are selected to participate in a self assessment process. Part of this self assessment is a special education parent involvement survey.  All school districts in the state of Wisconsin participate in this survey at least once in a five year cycle. The parent survey is part of the State Performance Plan that also includes gathering information on Preschool Outcomes, Transition Goals, Post-Secondary Outcomes, and a Self-Assessment on special education procedures.  Through the survey, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) collects statewide data to determine how districts are doing in the state.  This information is reported to the federal government Office of Special Education Programs.

There is no risk to parents filling out the survey.  Their answers will not affect the services provided for their children by the school.  Parents will not be identified with their responses to the survey questions.

Questions in the survey include:  Are you considered an equal partner with teachers and other professionals in planning your child’s program?  Is there someone on the school staff who is available to answer your questions?  Is your child’s evaluation report written in terms you understand?

Filling out this survey gives information to the Department of Public Instruction that assist in developing resources for Wisconsin schools to increase parent understanding of the special education process and encourage parent involvement.  For example, previous responses to this survey led to the development of resources such as “Communication Options for Families” (A document you can personalize that outlines local, regional and state contacts you can talk with if you have questions or disagree with a decision of the school.), broadened awareness of parent support organizations, and development of tools to support parents at IEP meetings.

Parents of students with disabilities have been chosen at random to complete the survey.  If you are a parent who was selected you received a letter from your school district about the survey back in March. The letter had instructions for you to access the survey and fill it out on the internet. Some districts sent out paper copies of the survey for parents to fill out and mail in. If you were selected and have not yet completed the survey please respond by filling out the survey on the Internet, or calling your school district to ask for a paper survey. You might be getting a follow up call to see if you have questions. Your feedback is important in statewide planning on how we can improve parent involvement in your child’s education. Parents that have been selected for the survey can access the survey through this page on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website http://dpi.wi.gov/sped/parentsurvey.html

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