MADISON — State Superintendent Tony Evers issued a statement on Gov. Scott Walker’s 2011-13 proposed state budget

“Wisconsin has long prioritized our children and their public schools. This budget proposes unprecedented cuts to state funding for students and their schools. Even in these difficult times, our kids should not disproportionally bear the burden of years of state fiscal folly.
“A well-educated workforce is the fuel that drives Wisconsin’s economy forward. While this difficult state budget demands shared sacrifice, we need a budget that is fair, equitable, and does not do permanent harm to our public schools. To be clear, our children and our public schools did not cause this economic downturn or state budget deficit.
“As the days and weeks go forward, this lengthy budget document will be thoroughly analyzed. I look forward to working with legislators on the state budget. The specifics of the proposed budget need to receive a full and open public debate, especially the impact on our children and their public schools. Public education is a core Wisconsin value enshrined in our state constitution.
“I understand funding for education will be part of a budget solution. Our legislative leaders must not put the problems of adults on our kids. We need a fair and equitable budget for all Wisconsin’s children.”

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