Not a Teachable Moment

I get it that the opposing sides of Governor W's "budget repair bill" have sound reasons for their views. More people crowded the streets in Madison, Wisconsin today to join the throng that has been there most of the week. The twist I was surprised by though was the Doctors who decided to set up a station to hand out excused absence documents to anyone who requested one. No doubt they had the best of intentions and in their way were adding their support to the public workers (the majority educators) fighting to retain their collective bargaining rights. There comes a point where the line between right and wrong is not fuzzy. For me this was it. What message is being sent to the students? It's okay to bring a bogus excuse or write the same? It's fine as long as you believe it is for a good reason? No, it's not okay. It totally undermines the cause being debated and the character of those engaged in the debate. It's time for everyone to go home, get some rest and be where you are needed Monday morning.

"Fame is vapor, popularity an accident. Riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character." ~Horace Greely

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