What Do You Know About Autism?

(This is the first of a series of posts I am doing based on an Autism Spectrum Disorders course I took at UW-La Crosse.)
The first day, first session of class we discussed what we currently knew about Autism Spectrum Disorders. I learned lots of new acronyms! We covered diagnosis & screening, characteristics, approaches for treatment, causes, epidemiology, classifications, prognosis and the history of Autism. Since the course was about Autism it was only fitting that a mind map format was used to brainstorm the class's collective present knowledge. The class consisted of speech language therapists, teachers, para-educators, and parents. Some worked in a k-12 setting, several worked at Chileda, a residential and day school facility in La Crosse, and there were others who worked in a clinic. The map quickly filled the white board and by the end of the week it had doubled!

Here are my notes on the list we began with:

 I've embedded links to some of the information in the list. I'll be filling in and adding more information throughout this week. I will also being adding links to resources associated with information in my posts this summer.You can find them in the first section on the right side of this page.

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