Very Busy Month

The past three weekends I have participated in family and educator workshops. I'm pooped but I really love being involved in these events. April 11th I was in Minoqua at The Waters for a Family Ties sponsored "Family Fun Day." On April 18th I was in Ashland at the Americ Inn for a "Family Power Day" that was made possible by a collaboration of agencies whose catalyst is a dynamic woman named, Dea Yost. Today I was at the 5th Annual Para-Educator Conference sponsored by CESA 12. Keynote speakers for the para conference were Michael McGowan and Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. McGowan spoke about "Healthy Relationships, In and Out of School." He talked about the elements of healthy school environments such as trust,empowerment, humor, and empathy. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka is the author of several books: Raising Your Spirited Child, Raising Your Spirited Child Workbook; Kids,Parents, and Power Struggles; and Sleepless in America. She talked about children with challenging behaviors and strategies to help them.
During one of the recent parent conferences I was at a parent asked me about teen depression and suicide prevention resources so this week's Twitter topic is teen depression and suicide prevention. I have archived all the Twitter topics at the end of each week on the Parent Educator Connection Group bulletin board.

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