4th Quarter is on the Horizon

I haven't posted since February 6th because the past few weeks 90% of my calls and conversations have related to things I discussed in the Feb. 6th and 2nd posts. I have been working at setting up a network of resources since last June. Actually that's inaccurate our base web site WI-PEC has been around since 2000. It's expanded with 3 other websites, this blog, a discussion group and our tweets via http://twitter.com/CESA9_12WSPEI I have been posting to this blog sporadically since I set it up. Testing the new (to me) technology and figuring out best way to use it. I haven't totally figured things out but I am planning to do more frequent, short posts. Check back for weekly updates each Tuesday. I'd appreciate any feedback - suggestions for topics or "hello, I am out here in cyber-space reading these posts."

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