Groundhog Day and 3rd Quarter Blues

Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania made his annual appearance today to let everyone know how much more winter to expect. In Wisconsin we have our own go to guy. Waldo Woodchuck was scheduled to make his 2nd annual prediction today. You can find out more about him at the Wisconsin Wildlife Neighbors blog. As far as I have heard neither of them saw their shadow which means another 6 weeks of winter. Groundhog Day is a whimsical annual tradition. The 3rd quarter of school is an annual event that can't really be called whimsical.
Thinking back to my days as a k-12 student I recall school wearing on me a bit by the time 3rd quarter rolled around. Every September I started school with pleasant anticipation. New school supplies, clothes and teachers all raised my hopes that this would be the year I would shine. By third quarter the supplies were a little beat up, the relationship with the new teacher or teachers wasn't new anymore, and if they still fit I was wearing clothes from winters past. The long periods of inclement weather didn't help either. It was usually 3rd quarter when Dad was saying things like, "I could understand you doing that if you were a boy." It was the 60's and girls were expected to be less mischievous than boys. I wasn't a total terror but Dad's mischievous gene was alive and well in the next generation. With my next post I'll include some links that those of you who are experiencing your own 3rd quarter blues might find helpful. Until then try and behave.

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