Checking In or "Double Yikes, the 2nd Quarter is over too!"

I hit a bit of a wall with posting to this blog. For those of you who read blogs there are about a zillion out there in cyberspace and a lot of them are quite good. I want to write about stuff related to WSPEI (Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative) but I also want to write something that will engage the folks who take the time to read it. My job is great but due to the nature of what I do some of the most interesting aspects are difficult to write about due to privacy considerations. Even without using names of school districts or people some things might seem familiar. (I really don't have to worry too much as I only have one follower and I know she understands where I'm coming from.) Anyway, to help me loosen up a bit writing wise I am taking a 6 week journaling class. It's only the second week but it is re-engaging me with writing. I'll be practicing here as I pick up techniques applicable to this type of blog.
You can check out the discussion page. Right now I'm the only one posting anything to that too. I am posting events and resources. A couple Special Education Directors in the school districts I work with have checked it out and made encouraging remarks. I moderate folks when they make a first post (if they aren't current members) so we don't get spammed. Today I was alerted to 7 messages pending for approval. I knew it was nothing to get too excited about. We get the occasional spammers who invite readers to look at the home video they posted. The internet is still a bit like the old wild west....

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