Yikes! The 1st Quarter is Wrapping Up!

This past summer I spent time streamlining the web site, setting up a discussion board, and this blog. Once school was back in session things went from busy to busier. I am glad I was able to get the framework for these new communication tools set up. Now the challenge is to make better use of them. New on this blog are two parent surveys. One is for parents of special needs pre-k children ages 3-5 and the other is for parents of students 6-21. The surveys are an abridged version of WI-DPI's parent surveys that were developed as part of the State Performance Plan. Indicator 8 of the plan is all about increasing parent involvement. Parent involvement is key to the quality of a student's experience at school. Take some time to visit the sites I've linked to in this post and post your thoughts on the discussion board. Parents please take our surveys.

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